Lilia Minaya

Adjunct Professor (SPP) and Director of Operational Analysis, Office of Retention and Graduation Success, Florida International University

School of Public Policy


B.A., Economics, Florida International University
M.S., Finance, Florida International University
Ph.D., Public Policy, Florida International University

Professional Experience

Lilia Minaya is an innovative and accomplished leader with a strong background of proven long-range strategic planning, data driven decision making, financial management in higher education administration. She has more than fifteen years of increased responsibility highlighted by shared governance and advocacy. Successful experiences include integration of academic units, fostering of diversity and equity initiatives, strategic planning and implementation, annual goal setting and monitoring, management and assembly of teams, data visualization, as well as the development, execution of financial and operational planning at a large, public, R1 university. Lilia’s research focus is the impact of performance-based funding in higher education institutions. Lilia is currently the Lilia is currently the Director of Operational Analysis for Florida International University’s Office of Retention and Graduation Success..

Lilia’s dissertation contributes to a better understanding of performance management systems (PMS) by examining adoption, stringency, and impact of performance-based funding (PBF) in public institutions of higher education within the United States.

Her dissertation utilizes a three-essay approach, where each essay serves a distinct purpose. reflecting the major elements of PBF models adopted across the nation. I analyze 15 years of panel data from 82 research institutions of higher education in 39 states.

  •  The first essay provides a systematic review of prior research on performance management systems published in the last 20 years—from 2000 to 2019.
  •  The second essay examines why some states adopt PFM for their higher education while others do not, and why some legislatures opt for very stringent models compared to others. To assess the stringency of PBF models, I develop a novel measure: the Performance Funding Uncertainty Index (PFUI).
  •  The third essay seeks to assess the impact of PBF models. The research literature on PMS effectiveness has produced mixed results (Gerrish, 2016; Kroll, 2017; Moynihan & Pandey, 2006).
Lilia Minaya
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