Natiel Cooper

Student Administrative Assistant

School of Public Policy

Undergrad Institution:
University of Connecticut

Undergrad Major:
Communications and English

Hartford, CT

Natiel Cooper is a UConn University Honors Laureate Scholar who believes creativity can bridge harmful gaps in social equity. A recent double major graduate from UConn with degrees in Communication and English, Natiel studied the persistent effects discrimination in mass-media, particularly in streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max. While critical of information disseminated by technology, Natiel remains driven by the pioneering force of social technologies, particularly in finding ways to implement innovative, low-cost solutions to long-standing public issues. A lifelong learner, Natiel sought to further his scholastic career in Public Policy. UConn Hartford’s MPP not only accentuated Natiel’s past academic interests but provided him with the opportunity to further inspire and enact change on his community.

Natiel Cooper
Contact Information
Office LocationHartford Times Building, Room 431
CampusHartford Campus