Alumni Mentoring Network

The School of Public Policy (SPP) is pleased to offer alumni and students the opportunity to learn from each other through its Alumni Mentoring Network. With a national network of more than 1,000 alumni, SPP alumni represent a wealth of professional experience across the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. All entering master’s degree students are paired with a mentor. Mentors who are not alumni of SPP programs are also welcome!

How It Works

Mentoring provides students with professional guidance during graduate school and helps them prepare for their future careers. Studies have shown that mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees.

Alumni and friends of the SPP volunteer to become in-person or virtual mentors by filling out a survey detailing their professional expertise and interests. Mentors and students (who are also asked to fill out a survey) are carefully matched maximizing their mutual interests and are paired for the time the student is in their degree program. Mentoring meetings take place a minimum of twice a semester.

The SPP is committed to providing its mentors and students with the necessary support for a successful mentoring relationship. The School provides tailored mentoring handbooks to both students and mentors.

For Mentors

Please use the button below to take a two-minute survey to let us know you are willing to assist with our mentoring network. The survey will also assist us in matching student interests with your expertise.

Pairings are made right before the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. If you are not matched immediately, your name and survey are queued for a future matching opportunity. Once matches are made, we will email you a mentoring handbook and introduce you to your student mentee.

Take Our Mentor-Student Matching Survey

If you have any questions about our mentoring network or the survey, please email