Student Organizations

The School of Public Policy offers several organizations that provide students with professional development, networking, and community-building opportunities.

Graduate Association of Public Policy Students (GAPPS) - International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

GAPPS-ICMA is the primary student organization for the UConn School of Public Policy. Its goal is to serve as a social and intellectual forum for students pursuing a degree or certificate in the School. GAPPS-ICMA is committed to public service, professional development, and having fun. Throughout the academic year GAPPS-ICMA hosts a number of events that enrich students’ social and academic experiences.

GAPPS is an International City/County Management Association (ICMA) student organization.

2022-2023 Chapter Officials:

  • Jack O'Connor - President
  • Mary Greenwell - Vice President
  • Cristian Corza - Treasurer
  • Patrick Faria - Secretary

Pi Alpha Alpha

Pi Alpha Alpha is the honor society for graduate professional students in public administration and public policy. The honor society:

  • Encourages and recognizes outstanding achievement
  • Supports graduate public service education
  • Invites membership of students that have completed at least half of their program coursework and maintain a 3.7 GPA
  • Uses membership fees and donations to support student professional development

Pi Alpha Alpha-sponsored professional development activities include:

  • Social events like the annual ‘PPA Meet and Greet’
  • Mock Interview Night – to prepare students for IPP interviews
  • Special professional development training and panels
  • PPA Professional Development Scholarships

2022-2023 Officers

  • Douglas Shipman, President
  • Paula Norato, Vice President
  • Jessica Seabrook, Secretary
  • Beverne Cordner, Treasurer
  • Nina Brooks, Faculty Advisor

To learn more about this organization, please contact Catherine Guarino or one of the officers/advisors above.

A group of 10 students pose with their certificates at a Pi Pi Alpha induction ceremony.
2018 Pi Pi Alpha Induction Ceremony