Registrar of Voters Training Program

Please Note: The ROV Program at UConn will be shut down from September 1, 2023 - November 30, 2023 for a content and course update process.

This hiatus is to allow for content updates due to changes in state statutes (e.g., early voting) and to improve the learner experience. Registrars currently in the midst of the program were asked to finish any pending sections and/or certification exams in advance of August 31, 2023. Registrars will be able to access course content again as of December 1, 2023 - and individuals who are in progress will be supported directly by UConn School of Public Policy staff.

Connecticut General Statue Section 9-192a details the catalyst for the Registrar of Voters Education and Certification Exam Program (ROV Program). The ROV program was initially administered through the UConn School of Business-Connecticut Information Technology Institute (CITI), but transitioned to the UConn School of Public Policy as of August 2023. The ROV Program has eight content sections, often referred to as "modules." There are two distinct courses, each consisting of four sections/modules respectively and grouped thematically by content. Once Registrars complete all eight sections/modules, they are able to take a final Certification Exam to complete the program.

Overview of ROV Course 1 & Included Sections

Section 1 – Election Administration, Laws, and Regulations

Details forthcoming.

Section 2 – Voter Registration, Maintaining Voter Lists, Service to Voters

Details forthcoming.

Section 3 – Registrars Office Management

Details forthcoming.

Section 4 – Petitions

Details forthcoming.

Registration Instructions for Course 1 (Sections 1-4)

Registrars will register for an ROV course, which will include four sections. Registration and payment steps will be administered via "UConn Genius." More details for access to Genius and registration/payment instructions will be updated here in advance of December 1, 2023.

Overview of ROV Course 2 & Included Sections

Section 5 – Preparing for Elections, Primaries, Referenda, EDR

Details forthcoming.

Section 6 – Conducting Elections, Primaries, Referenda, EDR

Details forthcoming.

Section 7 – Absentee Voting, Supervised Absentee Voting

Details forthcoming.

Section 8 – Post-Election Audits and Recanvasses

Details forthcoming.

Registration Instructions for Course 2 (Sections 5-8)

Registrars will register for an ROV course, which will include four sections. Registration and payment steps will be administered via "UConn Genius." More details for access to Genius and registration/payment instructions will be updated here in advance of December 1, 2023.

Certification Exam

Certification Exam Eligiblity

In order to sit for the exam, Registrars must have previously paid for and completed all sections within existing ROV Program courses - including any required quizzes and knowledge checks. No Exceptions.

Certification Exam Logistics

  • This exam is 2 hours long and is open book. You may use your class handouts.
  • The exam is 50 questions, including a mix of true or false and multiple choice questions.
  • A passing grade for the certification exam is 70% or better.

ROV Program Costs

Content Cost Payment Method
Class 1 - Sections 1-4 $800 Credit Card, ACH
Class 2 - Sections 5-8 $800 Credit Card, ACH
Final Certification Exam N/A - Covered Through Course 1&2 Registration N/A

Municipal Registrars may have been in the midst of the ROV Program as the September - November 2023 program shutdown and content update occurred. For those impacted Registrars, they can work directly with UConn School of Public Policy staff to arrange for payments and access to specific remaining content as necessary to complete the program. Inquiries and requests should be sent to

Location and Parking

In-person workshops are held at:
University of Connecticut Hartford Campus
Hartford Times Building
10 Prospect Street, Hartford, CT 06103

Please use the HTB entrance located on Front Street, across from Barnes & Noble. Follow posted signs to the program.

Connecticut Convention Center Parking Garage
100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT 06103


Meet the ROV Program Instructors

Richard Roberts Photo

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts is a partner at Halloran Sage, where he represents municipalities in the full range of their legal needs. He provides legal counsel to them in real estate acquisitions and sales, land use, charter revisions, drafting and review of ordinances, election  law and property tax issues.  He has been an instructor at the University of Connecticut's Registrar of Voters Certification Program since 2017.  He is a member of the executive committee of the Planning and Zoning Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association, a member of the Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire Bar Associations, and a member of the Connecticut Association of Municipal Attorneys. He actively participates in the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the Connecticut Council of Small Towns, and the Connecticut Town & City Management Association.  He is also a member of the General Assembly’s Task force appointed to recommend revisions to the municipal law section of the General Statutes. Rich’s investment in his broader community is apparent through his many active roles in the public sphere. Rich is recognized in the 2022, 2023, and 2024 publications of The Best Lawyers in America® in the areas of Land Use and Zoning Law; Municipal Law; and Real Estate Law.


Shannon Bergquist Photo

Shannon Bergquist

Attorney Bergquist graduated from Colby College in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in Government as well as a juris doctor degree from Northeastern University School of Law in 2003. She has been an instructor at the University of Connecticut's Registrar of Voters Certification Program since 2016. She has also served as an attorney in the State Elections Enforcement Commission's Enforcement Unit, was an election support officer for the Office of the Secretary of the State, a law clerk to the Honorable Thomas A. Bishop of the Connecticut Appellate Court, and has handled various bankruptcy and commercial litigation matters at Baker, O'Sullivan and Bliss, P.C. Attorney Bergquist also served as the vice-chairperson of the Town of Colchester’s Ethics Commission.


Additional Registrar Resources

For more information or questions, please contact UConn School of Public Policy Staff at or call 959-200-3768.

Thomas Phillips

Building Effective Management and Leadership Skills: What is Required for the Next Generation of Public and Nonprofit Executives

With Thomas L. Phillips of TL Phillips Consulting Services

Friday, May 14, 2021
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM (with 30 minute break)
Live virtual session

Please Note:
This workshop will require participants to purchase and complete the CliftonStrengths assessment survey prior to the workshop.  The survey fee will be an additional $19.99 (purchased separately). See more information in the following "About the Program" section.

About the Program


Connecticut is demographically one of the oldest states in the country.  Many public and nonprofit organizations are facing “brain drain” challenges related to the loss of senior executives, including their knowledge and expertise, as more “baby boomers” continue to retire.  In some cases, these organizations do not have well developed succession plans and are not properly enhancing existing and developing new required management and leadership skills/competencies of their mid-level executives, which would allow them to more effectively transition into senior executive level positions.  In addition, the current pandemic has caused much disruption and uncertainty, requiring many organization’s management teams to both pivot and adapt to their new normal.  It is therefore critical for both sectors to develop these individuals and their skills more proactively and aggressively, to ensure their organizations stay competitive, effectively serve their customers, and achieve long term sustainability.


This half-day workshop includes six essential Learning Modules (LM) that cover a variety of important and timely management and leadership related topics. Each participant will be required to take the Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment survey in advance of the workshop with the results collectively shared and discussed. This tool allows you to identify and play to your top 5 strengths at work and in your personal life. There is a cost of $19.99 to purchase and take the survey. The assessment tool should be purchased online by participants and completed no later than a week before the workshop, so you have time to review the results. The assessment can be purchased using the following link:

The workshop is also designed to be interactive through group exercises and collective dialogue, as much can also be learned from the participants.

The following are the list of Learning Modules that will be presented:

  1. Top 5 CliftonStrengths Assessment Survey Results
  2. Developing Critical Leadership Skills
  3. Organization/Individual Core Values
  4. Importance of Innovation
  5. Convener Skills
  6. Facilitation Skills


Participants will enhance their existing and learn new management and leadership skills through both the LM sessions/ exercises and collective dialogue, which will help prepare them to more effectively assume higher senior executive roles and responsibilities in support of their organization’s mission and brand.

Who Should Attend?

Senior/mid-level managers being identified/cultivated by your organization or those individuals aspiring to higher level executive leadership career positions. Also helpful for current senior executives interested in honing their existing management and leadership skill sets.