Encore Connecticut

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2024 Cohort!

Immerse yourself in the Connecticut nonprofit sector and gain the skills you need to lead.

Encore Connecticut is a nationally-recognized program that assists corporate and public sector professionals transition to opportunities in the nonprofit sector. The Saturday-based program is an attractive option for individuals with varying career goals ― whether you're seeking immediate employment or planning to change careers in the future.

Fall program begins September 7, 2024.

Contact David Garvey for more information.

Encore Connecticut Alumni Network

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Encore Connecticut Alumni Network

About Encore Connecticut

A program with more than a decade of proven success, Encore Connecticut is a professional development experience that helps seasoned corporate and public sector professionals transition their skill-sets and experience into successful opportunities (paid and/or volunteer) in Connecticut nonprofits.

The program is designed to leverage the professional experience of individuals with a variety of career goals:

  • Immediate Employment: Immediately move from a corporate or public sector position to a full or part-time nonprofit position
  • A Future Transition: If you are currently employed but seeking to move into nonprofit work in the future
  • Engaged Volunteering: If you are retiring and looking to make an impact as a volunteer or consultant for nonprofits

Program Details

Encore Connecticut takes place over six full-day Saturdays, providing 40 hours of managerial and professional education in nonprofit leadership, program management, finance, governance, funding strategies, grant writing organizational management, and program outcome measurement.

The program also offers help with job search strategies and resume restructuring, and provides networking opportunities to meet with sector leaders and learn more about the work of their organizations.

Participants learn from and work with seasoned leaders of the Connecticut nonprofit sector. They also gain hands-on professional experience working on a strategic project with a nonprofit organization through a fellowship program.


Some of Our Graduates

Fanny Ferreira

Fanny Ferreira, 2022 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Formerly Vice President & Senior Market Manager for People’s United Bank Stamford Region, brought her 30 years of experience and talents to Building One Community, the Stamford region center for immigrant opportunity. Fanny is now Program Director for Building One Community, overseeing Workforce Development, Adult Education Program and Family and Individual Services.

Amber Anthony

Amber Anthony, 2021 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Relocating from Massachusetts to Connecticut, Amber brought her diverse talents and experience in nonprofit development, economic development and running her own athletic shoe store in Texas to the work of the Aurora Women and Girls Foundation, which serves as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of women and girls in Greater Hartford and surrounding communities. Amber is now the Development Manager of the Aurora Foundation.

Billie Scruse

Billie C. Scruse, 2016 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Bringing her decades of experience and skillsets in communications, government and program management, Billie is now the Executive Director of Hartford Food System, which seeks to create  a healthy and just food system as part of a healthy Hartford community.

Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly, 2021 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Former Senior Vice President for Wells Fargo Eastern Division, Bill has brought his experience and skills to the nonprofit sector and is now the Engagement Manager for the United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey, building the United Ways’ relationship and development efforts.

William Cavers

William Cavers, 2020 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Bill Cavers wanted to transition his 30 years of skills and experience as a senior executive in the for-profit renewable energy into work that more directly connected to environmental issues. His Encore Connecticut Fellowship was with the Conservation Law Foundation. Bill is now the Executive Director of the Bedford Audubon Society, which provides education, research, and advocacy on the environment, and stewards 600 acres of nature preserves.

Mary Murano

Mary Murano, 2020 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Mary Murano was a successful media executive with over 25 years of experience.  She has held leadership positions in several media companies including NBCUniversal and was voted 100 Leaders in the Cable Industry. But in 2020, Mary wanted to focus her experience and talents on improving our communities. Mary is now the Development Manager for Career Resources, Inc., helping this nonprofit raise millions of dollars in funds for programs that assist individuals with economic barriers and returning citizens to get the education they need for employment to improve their lives.

Arnold Berman

Arnold Berman, 2023 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Arnold founded Event Resources, a local event production company. He ran the company for almost 30 years. In 2018, Arnold was very fortunate to be able to sell the company to one of his key employees and the company continues today thriving and producing events in the corporate, educational, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Arnold is now directing his talents towards addressing food insecurity and hunger in Connecticut as Stewardship Manager of Connecticut Foodshare. In his new role, Arnold will be working on the Giving Team and be responsible for the management of monthly sustainer gifts, tribute gifts and bequest gifts and ensuring that all donors receive timely and accurate acknowledgement. The Stewardship Manager leads the creation and deployment of all stewardship collateral for the Giving Team in order to keep all donors fully informed about the work and impact of Connecticut Foodshare.

Jason Hyland

Jason Hyland, 2020 Encore Connecticut Fellow

After 23 years in law enforcement, Jason retired as a police lieutenant from the University of Connecticut Police Department in 2019. He led UConn Police Department’s Community Outreach Unit and managed a team of education and engagement officers. Jason has also served at the University of Arizona Police Department, and as a corrections officer. A lifelong adventure educator, Jason is now the Founder and Executive Director of Project Imo. Project Imo’s mission is to empower and inspire the next generation while engaging communities through immersive experiential and adventure education initiatives. Through transformative experiences, Project Imo aims to foster leadership skills, ignite a passion for environmental conservation, and promote positive change.

Jasmine Sams

Jasmine Sams, 2022 Encore Connecticut Fellow

With a decade of experience spanning across academia, program and project management, as well as non-profit operations, Jasmine Sams, 2022 Encore Connecticut Fellow, has recently assumed the role of Director of Organizational Development at EMERGE Connecticut. In this capacity, she is actively involved in steering the organization's growth, overseeing key areas such as HR, staff development, expansion planning, donor development, and grant writing. Jasmine's diverse skill set contributes to EMERGE Connecticut's mission of empowering and uplifting communities, particularly those that have experienced incarceration.

Milena Stankova Erwin

Milena Stankova Erwin, 2022 Encore Connecticut Fellow

Coming from international sales management and higher education program management, Milena sought to dig more deeply into the work of the Connecticut nonprofit sector. Milena now brings her talent and experience leading the CT Tech Council, a hub that brings together the state’s tech community, public sector, and service providers to network and help grow the technology sector in Connecticut, as its Executive Director.

Michelle Wachsmann

Michelle Wachsmann, 2020 Encore Connecticut Fellow

An attorney and seasoned community and government affairs professional. Michelle was selected for the newly-created position of Director, Multicultural Community Programs at JDRF International, the leading global organization harnessing the power of research, advocacy, and community engagement to advance life-changing breakthroughs for type 1 diabetes. In this role, Michelle will support the organization in developing engagement strategies to expand its reach to the Hispanic and other diverse communities.

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Fellowship Program

The Fellowship provides the nonprofit with a highly-skilled professional to manage or develop a project over a two month period. Fellows work to the project deliverable requirements, thus the hours per week will be determinant by the project. Some of our Fellows are currently working full-time and thus will have fewer hours to dedicate to the Fellowship. Other Fellows are currently not employed and will have greater hours and flexibility.

The Fellowship opportunity provides the Encore Connecticut Fellow with practical field experience in the sector and the nonprofit with a with a highly-skilled professional to assist in moving a key project forward. The Fellow will report to you or a member of your staff. We will work with you and your organization’s designated Fellowship supervisor every step of the way to ensure a positive, productive experience from the initial Fellow-to-Organization match to the end of the assigned two-month project.

Please note Fellows are not assigned to your organization. You will have the opportunity to interview them and determine whether they are a good fit for the project you have described.

Interested in hosting an Encore Connecticut fellow at your nonprofit organization? View our Information and Application page for fellowship hosts.

Cost and Scholarships

Tuition: $2,950
Maximum class size: 25

AARP logo


AARP CT Scholarship

Financial support is available for AARP members and individuals over 50. Contact David Garvey for questions and to apply.


American Job Center Connecticut logoWorksforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Funding

100% of your tuition can be covered by WIOA funding if you are currently receiving unemployment benefits. Contact your local American Job Center to see if you qualify.

For questions, please contact David Garvey.


Encore Network

Founding Member
An international coalition of leaders and organizations promoting fifty forward social enterprise and engagement.

Encore Talent Works

A toolkit for nonprofit leaders to learn best practices in engaging Encore talent.

2022 Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation + Benefits Report

Learn about salaries in the Connecticut nonprofit sector.

How to Apply

The application submission review period is on a rolling basis. Candidates are chosen through a competitive vetting and selection process based on their skill-sets and potential for success in the nonprofit sector. A maximum of 25 candidates will be selected for the program.

Enrollment for Fall 2024 is now open.

Candidate Applications

  • Candidate Essay: Candidates should address why you want to work in the nonprofit sector. Identify, if possible, your preferred area of work and position in the sector (e.g. social services, the arts, environment or advocacy) and the passions, purpose, working conditions and compensation needs and expectations that will impact future employment choices and decisions. You should describe how your current skills and experience, for-profit or nonprofit, can be transferred to paid nonprofit work. The essay should be three pages maximum and be submitted as a word document.
  • Candidate Résumé: Along with your essay, attach a résumé that connects your skills to your desired work in the nonprofit sector. Information provided should include academic/technical knowledge, credentials and track record of accomplishments relative to your interest in nonprofit work. Volunteer work should be described fully as a valuable background asset. Be concise, yet informative, and submit the résumé as a Word document.
  • Submit Application: Forward your essay and résumé as email attachments to Maura Maloney, Operations Coordinator, at maura.maloney@uconn.edu.

Outcomes and Track Record

Job Placement

In 2010, Encore!Hartford was launched with two objectives:

  1. Reduce long-term unemployment of seasoned corporate managerial professionals aged 50 and over
  2. Strengthen the Connecticut nonprofit sector, through the hiring of these seasoned professionals

A decade later, Encore!Hartford and its successor program, Encore!Connecticut, have done just that. Among our results:

  • Encore!Connecticut graduates report a 95% interview rate; prior to Encore!Hartford, particpants reported a 10% interview rate.
  • 91% of graduates report being employed full-time, part-time, or as social entrepreneurs.

Of those employed:

  • 70% report full-time employment
  • 73% are employed in the nonprofit sector
  • 98% retention rate in the nonprofit sector

Sample Job Titles

Encore!Connecticut graduates go on to work in nonprofit organizations that make a difference in the areas of youth education, housing, community development, social services, literacy, health, disability services, and the arts, among others. Sample job titles of full-time hires include:

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Community Network Builder
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Strategic Planning
  • Economic Security Manager
  • Housing Development Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Manager of Research
  • Nonprofit Consultant
  • Youth Counselor


“Encore was intense and enlightening. It started at about 100 MPH and went up from there – with applications and interviews for fellowships almost immediately after class began. All of the classes had great speakers and were packed with information, and I was always left wanting to hear more. Also loved hearing questions from my deeply experienced classmates. A great experience!”

Jennifer Proga, Encore Class of Spring 2021

“The Encore Connecticut experience has been intellectually stimulating and has provided me with a unique window into the nonprofit world. The staff, guest lecturers, and everyone associated with the program have been amazing, I would highly recommend this!”

Eric R. Blumenthal, Encore Class of 2020

View More Testimonials

“How refreshing and inspiring it is to see so many talented people drawn to the cause of helping others through the work of the non-profit sector. Now I know that I have made the right decision in pursuing a nonprofit career!”

Chris Whitney, Encore Class of Spring 2021

“I have learned an incredible amount in such a short period of time. I was able to take what I was learning in class and apply it in real-time to my fellowship.”

Nat Nolting, Encore Class of Spring 2021

“The perfect combination of classroom learning and hands on experience to be able to make an informed decision about entering the nonprofit sector.”

Bruce J. Legan, Encore Class of Spring 2021

“Encore gave me an amazing way to explore future possibilities. From the inspiring speakers to my interesting and productive Fellowship, I’m now convinced that I’m ready for a ‘second act.’ Thank you Encore!”

Sylvia Lecky, Encore Class of Spring 2021

“The Encore program has provided such valuable lessons for the transition from the corporate to the non-profit sector. I have gained deep insight from each topic covered. The program has provided a solid foundation as I start planning for a future role at a nonprofit.”

Deb Lagana, Encore Class of Spring 2021

“Through Encore, I learned new skills and met a great group of likeminded people who generously share their insight and time for the betterment of our community.”

Alan Aleia, Encore Class of 2020

“An enriching experience that offered me a multidisciplinary view of nonprofits and supportive, knowledgeable mentors who provided advice and connections as I explore my next professional role in the sector.”

Michelle Wachsman, Encore Class of 2020

“The Encore program gave me the space to have an authentic learning opportunity with an amazing cohort of fellows from a wide variety of backgrounds. The Encore staff facilitated an energizing and immersive program that helped prepare me for my phase 2.”

Jason Hyland, Encore Class of 2020

“What a wonderful way to learn about the nonprofit sector for either a career change or to focus your volunteer work.”

Laura A. Hecker, Encore Class of 2020

“Encore was a balanced resource. Unique in the delivery and shifting ways while bringing learning experiences that were useful and applicable.”

Marianne Policastro-Wik, Encore Class of 2020

“…I learned that corporate America is very different from the non-profit world, but our skills are definitely transferable. Anyone who wants to learn more about the nonprofit sector should join the Encore Connecticut Program, I highly recommend it!”

Christine A. Fitzgerald, Encore Class of 2020

“Encore: I loved it - It took me WAY out of my comfort zone.”

Thomas A. Gordon, Encore Class of 2020

“The Encore faculty are legitimately top notch. Across the board, they have real-world experience and when teaching; they draw on that experience in useful, applicable, and often humorous ways. I'm deeply appreciative for having this experience and look forward to the many doors that will open because of it.”

Benjamin Oatis, Encore Class of 2020

“The Encore Connecticut program provided an excellent educational experience regarding the operations of nonprofit organizations and a valuable Fellowship experience with a CT-based nonprofit. These two components, along with the opportunity to meet and network with program staff and participants, is helping me achieve my goal of working in the nonprofit sector.”

Mary G. Murano, Encore Class of 2020

“Encore Connecticut provided me with the knowledge I need to embark on a career in the non-profit sector through excellent classroom… learning which was enhanced with the perspectives of non-profit leaders.”

Debra H. D’Arinzo, Encore Class of 2020

“Encore is a great rebooting program! It gives the participant some new technical skills, some new managerial skills, and it imparts wonderful perspective on the philosophies and approaches utilized by nonprofits. The fellowship and job leads provided by the program and Director David Garvey were excellent.”

William W. Cavers, Encore Class of 2020

“For me, the Fellowship was the pinnacle of the Encore program. It gave me 'real-life' experience with a non-profit and provided a window into how it operated. I was also lucky enough during my Fellowship to make meaningful contributions to projects that had a direct impact on the State of Connecticut’s COVID-19 recovery plans. It was a great experience!”

John H. Drake, Jr., Encore Class of 2020

“The Encore Connecticut program delivered information at an appropriate level, truly a fast track program enabling experienced business executives to leverage their existing skills and experience in the nonprofit world.”

Bill Tripodi, Encore Class of 2020

“Encore was a very enlightening and educational experience. The level of dedication, commitment and compassion exhibited by the not-for-profit community really opened my eyes and will have a lasting influence on how I view others in need.”

James Mark Ramey, Encore Class of 2020

Curriculum and Courses

All classes are 9:00am - 3:30pm at the UConn Hartford campus, with lunch and refreshments. View last semester's Encore Connecticut curriculum.

September 7
September 21
October 5
October 19
November 2
November 16
December 7
Getting to Know One Another Governance Strategic Partnering Nonprofit Accounting Partnering with Philanthropy Nonprofit Advocacy graduation cap
Introductions & Orientation Fund Development Community & Strategy State of Equity in the Nonprofit Sector Philanthropy Roundtable Lobbying
Meet Alumni Social Media Leadership Telling Your Story CEO Roundtable
1 on 1 Nonprofit Resume Development Your Encore Connecticut Nonprofit Fellowship


Public Service Executive Leadership Collaborative graphicAdditional Benefit! Public Service Executive Leadership Collaborative Series

As a students of the UConn School of Public Policy, all Encore Connecticut 2024 Fellows are eligible to attend the optional monthly Public Service Executive Leadership Collaborative Seminars for free.

After you graduate from Encore Connecticut, you may attend these sessions at the School of Public Policy Alumni rate.

Meet Your Instructors

Encore Connecticut Co-Leads

Robert Francis

Robert Francis


Smart Justice LLC

David Nee

David Nee

Board Member

Connecticut Center for School Change, InformCT, and Connecticut Voices for Children

Thomas Ruderman

Tom Ruderman

HR Consultant and Executive Coach

Scott Wilderman

Scott Wilderman


Career Resources, Inc.

Encore Connecticut Instructors and Panelists

R. David Addams

R. David Addams

Executive Director

William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

Paul Ballasy

Paul Ballasy

CPA, Partner


Alexis Bivens

Alexis Bivens

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Connecticut Council for Philanthropy

Beverly Catchpole

Beverly Catchpole

Chief Giving Officer

Connecticut Foodshare

Marc Donald

Marc Donald

Executive Director

RYASAP: Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership

Monette Ferguson

Monette Ferguson

Executive Director

Alliance for Community Empowerment

David Garvey

David Garvey

Director of Nonprofit Outreach and Adjunct Professor
Director of Partnership and Compliance, Career Resources Inc.

School of Public Policy

Alyssa Goduti

Alyssa Goduti

Adjunct Professor (SPP) and President and CEO, Ädelbrook Behavioral and Developmental Services

Ädelbrook Behavioral and Developmental Services

Susan Graham

Susan Graham

Founder and CEO, Let’s Build IT

Executive Director, John Maxwell Team

Andréa Hawkins

Andréa Hawkins

Founding Partner

Leading Culture Solutions

Rob Hebert

Rob Hebert

Vice President of Business Development and Re-entry Affairs

Career Resources, Inc.

Al Marino

Al Marino

Director of Corporate and Community Giving

Connecticut Foodshare

Judy McBride

Judith McBride

Director of Grants and Partnership Investments

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

Adjunct Professor, SPP, and CEO, Action 2 Outcomes

School of Public Policy

Pirya Morganstern

Priya Morganstern

Director, Connecticut Program

Pro-Bono Partnership

Fernando Muniz

Fernando Muñiz


Community Solutions, Inc.

Jonathan Perloe

Jonathan Perloe

Director of Programs and Communications

CT Against Gun Violence

Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson


Gallo & Robinson, LLC

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw

Senior Director of Public Policy & Advocacy

The Alliance

Martha Stone

Martha Stone

Executive Director

Center for Children’s Advocacy

Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor

Staff Attorney

ProBono Partnership