David Garvey

Director of Nonprofit Outreach and Adjunct Professor

School of Public Policy


BA, University of Rhode Island, English
MBA, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
PhD, University of Connecticut, Educational Administration
Harvard University, Management Development Program

Teaching & Research Interests

Dynamics of nonprofit strategic networks
Communication in the nonprofit sector
Human resource capacity issues of the nonprofit sector

Dr. David Garvey

David Garvey is the Director of Nonprofit Outreach. The mission of the School of Public Policy’s Nonprofit Leadership Program is to strengthen the educational, communication and research infrastructure of the Connecticut and American nonprofit sector. Dr. Garvey has over twenty years of experience as a practitioner, editor, researcher, teacher and education designer in the nonprofit field. Prior to joining the University of Connecticut, Garvey founded and was executive editor of the New England Nonprofit Quarterly, now known nationally as the Nonprofit Quarterly.

Dr. Garvey is the Director of Encore!Connecticut, an award-winning experience and skills transition program for age 50+ managers and professionals seeking an encore career in the nonprofit sector.  He was also formerly the Director of the Hispanic Leadership Institute, sponsored by the Hispanic Federation, and the Director of the School’s Internship and Professional Practice (IPP) program. In partnership with the Urban Institute and the Connecticut Data Collaborative, Garvey was the principal investigator in the development of the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform, a web-based data resource on Connecticut nonprofits and communication tool for the Connecticut nonprofit sector.

David Garvey
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