Alex Tomczuk

MPP, 2019

Graduate Certificate in Public Financial Management

Associate, S&P Global Ratings

Alex Tomczuk is currently an Associate for S&P Global Ratings.

Previously Alex worked as an Analyst for Public Financial Management (PFM). Alex joined PFM’s 2019 Summer Analyst Pool where he trained for ten weeks learning about fixed income markets, bond math, and received hands-on training in DBC Finance and Microsoft Excel. Alex was a fiduciary for local and state governments issuing bonds to finance capital projects. In his position, Alex helped to reduce borrowing costs for issuers, structure their debt, and ensure that issuers comply with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Prior to joining UConn’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) program, Alex attended Central Connecticut State University where he earned a bachelor’s in Economics. In August 2017, Alex joined the MPP program and immediately started to reap the benefits with attending a top-ranked public finance curriculum. The knowledge he gained in the classroom was strengthened by an internship in UConn’s Office of Budget and Planning, which prepared him to conduct valid statistical and financial analysis in his position with PFM.

Currently, Alex lives in Boston. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing board and card games, hiking, biking, and traveling.

Alex Tomczuk
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