Essam Boraey

MPP, 2021

Doctoral Candidate, UConn School of Business

Essam Boraey is a doctoral candidate at the UConn School of Business. Essam studies entrepreneurship and strategic management, where his research focuses on the intersection between politics and the economy in emerging markets. For example, Essam explores how immigrants move to new societies and try to integrate into the economic ecosystem. In addition, how social and political movements make entrepreneurship more accessible to marginalized communities.

Essam received his MPP in 2021. Before joining the (former) Department of Public Policy, Essam had a wide experience in political advocacy and organizing in Egypt and the United States. In Egypt, Essam worked with several national and international human rights organizations. His work advocated for human rights and democratization in the Middle East and North Africa region. In addition, he led many projects to help increase youth political engagements as political operatives and candidates. Essam was part of the Egyptian youth movement that led to the Egyptian revolution in 2011. After moving to the US, Essam worked in DC and across the country as a political advisor on foreign affairs, Muslims, and Middle East issues.

Essam believes his time with UConn Public Policy prepared him well for his doctoral journey. Moreover, the guidance and education he got during his tenure were crucial in his decision to seek a career in academia as a professor.

Essam Boraey
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