Olivia Hall

MPA, 2018

Performance Auditor, Auditors of Public Accounts for the State of Connecticut

Olivia G. Hall is a Performance Auditor for the Auditors of Public Accounts for the State of Connecticut. In her role, she conducts performance audits and investigations of state agencies and programs to determine whether they are operating effectively and efficiently and determine their compliance with laws and regulations. She develops recommendations for improvements. She conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis and conducts interviews with stakeholders, while tracking policy and legislation. Her most recent project was an audit on CT Department of Social Services Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.

Prior to her position, she worked for the CT General Assembly for seven years in several roles in Medicaid oversight, program review, and human resources while earning her MPA. She always have had a passion for public service and government oversight.

Olivia earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2011, received her graduate certificate in public and non-profit management in 2014, and earned her Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Connecticut in 2018.

Olivia uses her analytical and organizational management skills learned from UConn’s Master Public Administration program to prepare her for a career in program evaluation and performance auditing. She uses the non-profit management certificate to help her navigate the Boards of Directors for Girl Scouts of Connecticut and increased charitable giving at the legislative branch by 20% for the CT State Employees Charitable Giving Campaign.

She enjoys volunteering and mentoring young women and girls on leadership development. She lives in Columbia, CT with her husband and English springer spaniel, Gracie.

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