Su-Teng Kuan

MPP, 2017

Associate Compliance Analyst, Global Independence, Deloitte Touche Tomatsu Limited (DTTL)

Su-Teng is currently an Associate Compliance Analyst for DTTL Global Independence. In her position, Su-Teng works within the Deloitte Entity Search & Compliance team where she is responsible for maintaining the integrity and information of Deloitte, its member firms, and Deloitte professionals. Su-Teng enjoys her work at Deloitte because she is not only able to make an impact in the world, but also use her critical and analytical skills she gained from the MPP program in her daily work.

Prior to the MPP program, Su-Teng attended the University of Connecticut where she earned a degree in Urban and Community Studies. What attracted Su-Teng to UConn’s MPP program was the program’s competitive internship opportunities as well as its vigor in preparing its students for the career after the program. The program’s strong sense of a learning community among its faculty, staff, and students was also an attraction. During her time in the program, Su-Teng was a part of GAPPS and was placed with the Department of Children and Families for her IPP as an intern under the Director of Performance Management.

“The MPP program strives to offer students a multitude of opportunities — from networking and internship opportunities to professional development seminars where the skills you learn can be applied in future work places. I encourage potential students to take full advantage of these opportunities and to always keep an open mind.”

In her spare time, Su-Teng enjoys spending time catching up with old friends, trying new foods, and traveling to new places.

Su-Teng Kuan
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