About the Conference

Achieving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access in an Increasingly Divided World


The University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Public Policy and the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Standing Panel on Social Equity in Governance would like to invite you to the 2024 Social Equity Leadership Conference (SELC), hosted at UConn’s Stamford Campus (30 miles from New York City). The National Academy of Public Administration’s 2024 Social Equity Leadership Conference seeks to identify means of advancing social equity policies despite growing political divisions on diversity and equity matters.

National opinion polls indicate that some people believe that we “should promote traditional social and moral values” while others show “greater tolerance of diverse lifestyles and backgrounds” (NBC News Poll, April 26, 2023). In 2019, the Academy identified Foster Social Equity as one of 12 Grand Challenges in Public Administration.

The Program Committee remains committed to the principled and social justice basis for social equity policies and seeks to enlist more support within the polarized political climate. How can we promote social justice, racial, ethnic, and gender equity and promote LGBTQIA+ rights in the midst of these divisions? While it is easy to argue in favor of social equity and social justice from the standpoint of principle, we should also embrace the pragmatic reasons for supporting social equity policies.

The 2024 SELC aims to amplify the benefits of DEIA to the economy, the workforce, organizational culture, and the communities we serve. The conference will also seek to feature social equity policies and programs to demonstrate their efficacy and their replicability in other communities.

Program Committee

Conference Chair

Mohamad Alkadry
University of Connecticut

Conference Committee Coordinator and Graduate Assistant

Chase Prentiss
University of Connecticut

Committee Members

Renzo de la Riva Agüero
UConn School of Public Policy

Jennifer Alexander
University of Texas at San Antonio

Domonic Bearfield
George Washington University

Brandi Blessett
University of Minnesota

Andrew Clark
Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy, UConn School of Public Policy

Thomas Craemer
UConn School of Public Policy

Maria D’Agostino
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

S. Nicole Diggs
North Carolina Central University

Pareesa Charmchi
Goodwin, CT Commission on Racial Equity in Public Health

Mary Guy
University of Colorado at Denver

Christal Hamilton
UConn School of Public Policy

Deneen Hatmaker
UConn School of Public Policy

Sean McCandless
University of Texas at Dallas

Emily Nwakpuda
University of Texas at Arlington

Evelyn Rodriguez-Plesa
North Carolina Central University

Norma Riccucci
Rutgers University at Newark

Jason D. Rivera
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

Marilyn Rubin
Rutgers University at Newark

Margaret Simms
NAPA Standing Panel on Social Equity Member

Blue Wooldridge
Virginia Commonwealth University