“Refusing to Surrender” – DPP Student Helps Restore Homes in Beirut

On Tuesday, August 4th an explosion in Lebanon’s capital of Beirut left at least 135 people dead and more than 4,000 injured. The impact could be heard almost 150 miles away, with neighborhood building’s closest to the blast being flattened.

Lebanese Red Cross teams responded to the site of the explosion, and worked to rescue and transport the critically wounded to hospitals. They are also continuing to perform search and rescue missions in addition to treating those with injuries. The Red Cross continues to provide emergency shelter, essential goods, and crisis counseling to the community. 

In the aftermath of this event and with COVID-19 still ever present, communities across Beirut are coming together to rebuild.

Incoming Leadership and Public Management (LPM) student Yara Medawar has spent the last few days volunteering to restore homes in the area. She wrote to us recently and said:

“I have never imagined that I will live to see what happened on August 4, 2020 in Beirut. People lost their homes, their belongings, their cars, their shops, everything they have. Some people even lost their souls. Beirut is completely destroyed. Refusing to surrender and believing in a brighter future, we gathered hand in hand and headed down to our beloved Beirut. We went in what was left of the houses and removed glasses, debris, and dust. Helping hands, smiles and comfort are what people need the most now.”

The DPP network is thinking of Yara and those in Beirut. If able we encourage you to donate to the Lebanese Red Cross