#WhereInTheWorldIsUConnDPP? Recapping Our Summer ’21 Travels

This summer the Department of Public Policy (DPP) hit the road and explored America through the eyes of our alumni. Each week we provided a set of clues that represented either a city or state where an alum currently resides. The following day we revealed the location and shared some information about our alum in that area and their IMPACT! Help us recap our summer travels and let us know where you would like to see us go next. 


Week One

Where in the world is UConn DPP? This city is home of the country's oldest public park, the first subway system and the oldest higher education institution in the country

Week One Answer

For me, access to reliable public transportation is a right, not a privilege. My MPA has helped me develop hundreds of programs, assisting people with traveling wherever they need ot be. Everyday this assistance allows for the potential for new careers, healthcare access and educational opportunities. My goal is to remove any barriers to success in an individual's life,, while always striving to better our community as a whole." - Charlie Grab, MPA '18 Director of Business Operations & Mobility Services at Harvard University - did you guess Boston, Massachusetts?

Week Two

Where in the world is UConn DPP? This state is home to the first professional baseball game and first successful goldfish farm, produces 20% of America's popcorn supply and is the "Mother of Vice Presidents"

Week Two Answer

My time at the DPP gave me the quantitative research abilities, experience and knowledge in professional communication to succeed as a policy researcher. My IPP at UConn's Office of Institutional Research also prepared me for further policy research work in higher education settings - Caleb Pittman, MPP '21 a data & metrics specialist at Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement - Did you guess Indiana?

Week Three

Where in the world is UConn DPP? This city is: Home to the newest airport in the country, with construction halfway complete - Home to the first KFC- - Nicknamed the Silicon Slopes

Week Three Answer

MPA '21 alum Kylie helps to manage business operations at Salt Lake City International Airport! Due to COVID-19 many of these businesses have delayed opening and are rushing to open now. Long term, Kylie will be doing community outreach with local businesses. She will also be working on a request for proposal for select businesses that want to open a location in the second phase of the terminal opening.

Week Four

Did you know?  •	The DPP has alums residing in 43 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. •	Roughly 40% of each graduating class has found employment outside of our home state of Connecticut. •	The DPP Network extends to Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.   On our #WhereInTheWorldIsDPP travels we encountered a bit of car trouble... This week we are taking a pit stop and sharing some #UConnDPP fun facts. We’ll be on the road again soon!

Week Five

Connecticut Flag

Where In The World is UConn DPP? Homesick on our travels back East! Did you know our alums are making an IMPACT in every Connecticut county. Roughly 20% of each graduating class works for our great State. You can also find alums in local gov, nonprofits & the private sector!

Week Six

This county: is the largest produced of sugar in the country, has 47 miles of coastline, including a mile dog beach, introduced the country to the term "hanging chad" in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election

Week Six Answer

"Since earning my masters of arts in survey research back in 2000, I have worked as a political pollster, a market researcher, strategic research consultant and an educator. The MASR gave me a strong methodological foundation and the skills I learned in the program were applicable across each of these fields. Everything came full circle when I became an adjunct in the program. I now teach two courses I developed: project management for survey research and multipopulation research methods. I love having the opportunity to work with the amazing students who come through the program." - Erin St. Onge-Carpenter, MASR - DPP Adjunct / Did you guess Palm Beach County, FL?

Week Seven

Monument with Connecticut written on it, Where in the world is UConn DPP?This city: •	Has the second busiest subway system in the United States •	Has the largest library in the world •	Gets more rain on average than Seattle

Week Seven Answer

Did you guess Washington, D.C.?

Sydnie Kremidas (MPP ’18) works as a an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist for a federal agency. Sydnie provides policy, oversight and guidance for the execution of the Special Emphasis Program. This program is intended to ensure agencies take affirmative steps to provide equal opportunity, and her program has two major functions including:

  1. Providing training and educational opportunities to the workforce specifically related to employment and career advancement, and
  2. Conducting Barrier Analysis to determine potential barriers within the agency and creating strategic plans to address these barriers.

Week Eight

Where in the world is UConn DPP? This state: Is home to the first baseball game, Calls the Hadrosaurus foulkii a friend and the Official State Dinosaur, Signed the Bill of Rights first

Week Eight Answer

Where in the world is UConn DPP? New Jersey, photo of Alex Thomas in Atlantic City, New Jersey

MPP '21 Alexandra is working as a Research Associate in Data and Policy Analysis for the New Jersey Council of County Colleges. She will be helping the organization become more data-driven in order to help meet their goal of increasing the number of New Jersey residents with a post-secondary credential/degree to 65% by 2025.

Week Nine

Where in the world is UConn DPP? •	This city has over 600,000 trees, which cover 24% of the city land area. •	On a very clear day, you can see five states from the viewpoint of one of the city's buildings.

Week Nine Answer

“The knowledge and skills gained from my MPA degree are directly relevant to my career. Much like real life, a MPA is an interdisciplinary degree, crossing many fields such as economics, politics, organizational behavior, fiscal management, law and communications. I still use many of the analytical, managerial and decision-making skills as well as the critical takeaways from my capstone project in my work as a budget manager of a small team of analysts in a city agency overseeing the entire city's budget (currently ~$99B)." – Nancy Lin, MPA (NYC Office of Management and Budget Total – Unit Head in the Miscellaneous Revenue Unit)

MPA alum Nancy Lin serves as the Unit Head for the Miscellaneous Revenue Unit for the NYC Office of Management and Budget Total. In this capacity she oversees the entire city’s budget!

Week Ten

Where in the world is UConn DPP? This city: Is home to America's oldest public art museum, Is home to the country's oldest continuously published newspaper, Is where President Theodore Roosevelt became the first president to ride in an automobile

Week Ten Answer

Did you guess Hartford, Connecticut?

Members of the DPP Network will see you regularly next month at 10 Prospect Street!