February Events 2024

Join the School of Public Policy (SPP) this month for a variety of events!


The Hartford Skyline at Dawn.

February 5th: Picture Day

Free Professional Headshots for SPP students, faculty and staff

February 5th: Find Your Future – Carry On at UConn

Join us at UConn Waterbury!

2023-2024 Internship and Professional Practice Interns at Orientation

Interview Workshop: February 5th in Hartford / February 6th in Storrs

Open to 2024 - 2025 IPP and SI candidates.

February 29th: Mock Interview Night

Open to 2024-2025 IPP and SI Candidates from 5:30pm - 9:00pm.

2023-2024 Internship and Professional Practice Interns at Orientation

February 7th: Alumni Council Lunch with SPP Faculty and Staff

Thomas (TJ) Jones

February 23rd: Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector

With Thomas "TJ" Jones, Adjunct Professor (UConn SPP) and Private Consultant

Friday, February 23, 2024
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (with 30 minute break)
Hartford Times Building, UConn Hartford Campus

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About the Program

This session will dive into the ethical expectations and obligations of public sector executives, managers, and employees - legal, moral, and practical. The interactive session will provide a framework for ethical decision-making, and provide tools for analyzing various scenarios that may confront public sector actors. Participants will confront fact-based scenarios and quandaries that arise in public service, and be asked to navigate the ethical issues that arise therefrom. Specific issues discussed and analyzed will include conflicts of interest; accepting gifts or favors; and, dealing with lobbyists and special interests. “Bright line” legal rules will be discussed, as well as nuanced ethical “norms” and culture in public sector work. Through this one-day course, participants will learn to better understand the relationship between ethical behavior and the overall success of public sector work.  Finally, the session will look into how public sector workers are held accountable for ethical behavior.

Upcoming Info Sessions

Program Date Time (EDT) Location
MPA Fellows Friday, Feb, 2nd 4pm - 4:30pm Virtually
MPA, MPP & Fast-Track Tuesday, Feb. 6th 4pm - 4:30pm Virtually
MPA Fellows, Internship Hosting and PSELC Tuesday, Feb. 13th 12pm - 12:30pm 410 - 470 Capitol Ave
MPA Fellows, Internship Hosting and PSELC Thursday, Feb. 15th 12pm - 12:30pm 165 Capitol Ave
MPA Fellows, Internship Hosting and PSELC Thursday, Feb. 28th 12pm - 12:30pm 450 Columbus Blvd

Check back for additional sessions in the coming weeks. Learn more and register on our Meet With Us page!

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