DPP Collaborates with CT Office of the State Comptroller

The Department of Public Policy (DPP) and the Connecticut Office of State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, recently collaborated on a report on behalf of the Governor’s Council on Women and Girls. The report entitled “The Connecticut State Workforce: An Analysis of Representations and Compensation Equity Across Gender and Race-Ethnicity” was completed by Dr. Mohamad Alkadry, DPP Department Head and professor, Tara Downes, Director of Communications and current MPA Fellow, and Michelle Gilman Assistant State Comptroller.

The official press release stated that the analysis was intended to identify where executive agencies stand in regard to representation and compensation. The analysis will also be used to help inform action plans to address these gaps.

The analysis found Connecticut’s executive branch agencies have reduced the gender-based pay gap, but gender-based discrepancies were found in employment in terms of over representation in concentrated social service agencies.

Findings lead to the recommendation for state evaluation of employee classification policy and agency self-assessments to determine action plans. The analysis also recommends that the Council consider a systematic schedule and procedure for the self-assessments and action plans.

News of the analysis was featured in both The New York Times and The Washington Post.