Week 5 Recap: Budgets, Finance & Prospective Students

The Department of Public Policy spent the 5th week of classes speaking with prospective students and showcasing research about fellow budgeting and finance colleagues.

  • Current MPP student and DPP Ambassador Adam Michael Murphy and DPP Outreach Coordinator Lian Kish chatted with prospective students at Eastern Connecticut State University’s (ECSU) Graduate School Fair on Tuesday.



  • This week Dr. Raissian also weighed in on The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommendations to make hormonal birth control available over the counter. Raissian acknowledged the importance of increasing access to healthcare, but also interacting with your healthcare providers. Her notes can be read in U.S. Today.


  • The DPP took on Storrs this Wednesday. Representatives kicked off the morning by speaking to a Communication class filled with prospective students. Both Lian, and the DPP’s Administrative Program Director Catherine Guarino then spoke with prospective students at the UConn All-Career Fair. The day also included information sessions about each of the DPP’s masters and related fast-track Professor Dr. Eric Brunner joined Lian for the fast-track, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Public Policy session.


  • Thursday through Saturday, various faculty members attended the Association for Budgeting & Financial Management (ABFM) Annual Conference in Washington D.C. The conference givesa chance for professors from around the country to share research and findings in financial management and budgeting for the public and non-profit sectors. The DPP was well represented by Professor Eric Brunner, Professor Mark Robbins, Professor Bill Simonsen, and Assistant Professor Yusun Kim.
    • Professor Bill Simonsen participated on a “Citizens, Experts, and Elected Officials” panel. He presented a paper on “Citizens Relationship to Government: The Connection between Notions of Citizenship and Support for Bond Referenda”.
    • Professor Mark Robbins presented the Jesse Burkhead award for best paper published in Public Finance and Budgeting to two talented scholars.
    • Assistant Professor Yusun Kim also presented a paper entitled “Returns to Scale in Property Assessment: Coordination Among Assessing Units in New York”.