Encore!Connecticut Spring 2021 Class

Saturday, January 9, 2021 was the start of a new live virtual Encore!Connecticut class.  Encore!Connecticut is a four-month professional development program that prepares seasoned corporate professionals for a career on the nonprofit sector.  The program offers networking opportunities, help in resume restructuring, and classes in nonprofit finance, strategy, law, philanthropic partnerships, and social media taught by leaders of the Connecticut nonprofit sector. The Fellows will also participate in an eight-week fellowship at a local nonprofit organization. This session will be completed virtually but will also offered as an in-person class in the Fall.

Encore!Hartford logo

The Spring 2021 class is made up of 23 corporate professionals with years of experience in the areas of finance, marketing, Public Affairs, and teaching.  Most are from Connecticut, but the class also includes students from as far as Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  The Fellows are currently reviewing a list of 32 fellowship opportunities that are being offered by local nonprofits organizations and making their choices as to where they would like to spend eight-weeks emerged in a meaningful project. Some fellows are focused on a specific passion where they can put their experience to good use, others are looking to learn new skills, and all are looking forward to meeting new people and new challenges. When the students complete their semester, they will continue to have the support of their classmates and the extensive Encore family as they move towards the next chapter in their lives.

For more information on Encore!Connecticut please go to www.encore.publicpolicy.uconn.edu .