36 Hours Can Make An Impact

UConn Gives kicked off at 7am this morning and for a 36 hour period the Department of Public Policy (DPP) is all paws in to raise money and make an impact on our amazing students. DPP alumni are working all across the country to impact their communities, and many of them are serving our local community right here in Connecticut. The 2021 DPP UConn Gives fund goes toward Student Hardship, and last week we answered a few questions about our fund and UConn Gives.

Every dollar matters and can make an impact on the lives of students who are experiencing a personal financial emergency. Each year at orientation we remind our students that if they look to their left and right, those folks will be standing right beside them at graduation. Our network is continually growing and expanding our network of support. Help us share the impact of the DPP and influence the impact of our students on our community.

For the last six days we have been counting down the ways the DPP has made an impact on our lives through new messages and some of our favorite highlights.

Our Outreach Coordinator Lian Kish is quick to note, “for almost four years I have had the unique privilege of sharing moments of IMPACT from the DPP Network with folks from around the world. Each and every day members of our community strive to create a positive world. They each do this through their own unique definition of public service. Help us make an impact on the students who are impacting our communities!”

This week members of GAPPS-ICMA and the Alumni Council had this to say about their DPP education:

UConn gives logo and Rene quote: From study groups to study breaks the DPP community is there to support you as you make your IMPACT!
Lordie Rene, GAPPS-ICMA Vice President
UConn Gives Shipman quote "The DPP provided a fantastic complement to the experience I had gained through years as a career professional – so much of our work in the nonprofit sector is connected to policy issues and the need for sound analysis – this program has been an enormous advantage in my work!"
Doug Shipman, DPP Alumni Council Vice President
uconn gives logo and thomas quote: Faculty make an IMPACT on us in the classroom, but they also help us make an IMPACT outside of it as we enter the job market.
Alex Thomas, GAPPS-ICMA Treasurer



UConn Gives logo and Nagorna quote: When I came to graduate school I knew I wanted to become a more effective public servant. Along the way I developed new interests and expanded my knowledge of what a public servant can do!
Lena Nagorna, GAPPS-ICMA Secretary
UConn Gives Logo and quote from Pittman: Every day we learn to make an IMPACT and adapt our coursework to the causes we care about!
Caleb Pittman, GAPPS-ICMA President
UConn Gives logo and quote from Kottke: As a transplant to Connecticut, I owe my professional roots in this state to the DPP. Besides learning human resources, financial management and nonprofit governance strategies that I still put to use daily in my work, the DPP directly connected me to the two organizations I have worked for since graduating in 2013."
Larisa Kottke, DPP Alumni Council President