Favorite Course Friday: PP 5348 Urban Planning Principles and Methods

Welcome to “Favorite Course Friday”! Throughout the semester we will be highlighting electives available next semester with the Department of Public Policy (DPP). Interested in joining the DPP in the classroom next semester? Email dpp@uconn.edu for more information!

Graphic with title "Favorite Course Friday" with three boxes below it that read: PP 5348: Urban Planning Principles and Methods, Offered at the Hartford Campus, Focus Area: Urban Planning.

The course will introduce students to the planning process by reviewing commonly used planning practices and tools. The course provides broad overviews of different planning topics. By the end of this course, the students will build a “planner toolkit” that planners need to professionally conduct their planning tasks. Students will be expected to apply skills and concepts learned in class to a simulated planning project based on a real neighborhood in Connecticut.