Favorite Course Friday: PP 5341 Public Opinion and Democratic Processes

Welcome to “Favorite Course Friday”! Throughout the semester we will be highlighting electives available next semester with the Department of Public Policy (DPP). Interested in joining the DPP in the classroom next semester? Email dpp@uconn.edu for more information!

Graphic with title "Favorite Course Friday" with three boxes below it that read: PP 5341/ PP 3030: Public Opinion and Democratic Processes, Offered at the Storrs Campus, Focus Area: Survey Research.

This course will theoretically and empirically explore public opinion and assess its place in American democracy. It will examine both the sources of political attitudes in democratic citizens and the role of those attitudes (public opinion) in campaigns, elections, and governance. Students will review research on the current state of public opinion as well as discuss the place of public opinion in politics in historical context.