Favorite Course Friday: PP 5373 Budgeting in Public Service Organizations

Welcome to “Favorite Course Friday”! Throughout the semester we will be highlighting electives available next semester with the Department of Public Policy (DPP). Interested in joining the DPP in the classroom next semester? Email dpp@uconn.edu for more information!

Graphic with title "Favorite Course Friday" with three boxes below it that read: PP 5373/ PP 3032: Budgeting in Public Service Organizations, Offered at the Storrs Campus, Focus Area: Public Financial Management.

In this course, students will explore various public budgeting and financial management issues facing decision makers. The budget represents an organization’s priorities, and as such, is arguably its most important policy document. Further, budget approaches send strong incentives through an organization—for good or ill. As a result, the budget process is where policy and management intersect. In the end, students will be familiar with important public budgeting issues, understand different budget and finance concepts, and be able to construct and analyze simple budgets using Microsoft Excel.