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Mock Interview

March 3rd and 4th via Zoom

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Christopher Brechlin

Christopher Brechlin, MPP '18

Demystifying Data Management and Security for Non-IT Managers

With Christopher Brechlin, Director of Data and Digital Systems, COMPASS Youth Collaborative

Friday, March 4, 2022
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (with 30 minute break)
Hartford Times Building, UConn Hartford Campus

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About the Event

Your organization's data can guide you toward better outcomes for the people you serve or give you a competitive edge in funding applications. It can also be a tempting target for cyber criminals looking to ransom your systems or steal sensitive information. Managers don't need deep technical backgrounds to be good stewards of their data, but they do need to understand how it's generated, stored, and best protected.

Data management in the modern organization is no longer an exclusive IT or research function. Front-line staff, marketing and development teams, executives, finance and administrative staff are all essentially managing data on a daily basis and they need to be responsible for its safety and efficacy. The challenge for managers is that the landscape of software and terminology is rapidly evolving, making it difficult for non-technical staff to keep up with the growing list of tools they need to effectively leverage data in their day-to-day jobs. Luckily, the fundamental concepts and technologies used to manage data aren't complex and don't require highly specialized training to understand.

This course is for everyone from the accidental data and program managers at small nonprofits, to the department heads at large agencies. This is not a database administration or cyber security course. You will learn how to map data flows in your organization and how data is generated through operational processes, how to communicate with technical staff and consultants by speaking their language, and how to identify potential security risks among your staff. The primary objective is to help maximize the value you extract from your data by introducing aspects of data management that you didn't know you needed to know.

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

Practical Performance Evaluation for Practitioners and Funders

With Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Evaluation and Impact Consultant, 35-plus years of experience in state and nonprofit leadership, and author.

Friday, March 25, 2022
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (with 30 minute break)
Hartford Times Building, UConn Hartford Campus

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About the Event

This full-day session will explore evaluation and performance management of publicly funded programs, including:

  • Evolving concepts and practices in evaluation and performance management
  • The importance of designing programs with outcomes and evaluation in mind; and
  • Engaging staff and providers in using data to understand performance
  • Using results to improve program performance

Learning Objectives:

  • Ability to describe the concepts of, and appropriate use of, program evaluation, performance management, and program monitoring; and differentiate between them
  • Understand and apply outcome-focused program design to new and redesigned programs
  • Develop strategies to engage staff and providers in evaluation efforts
  • Ability to understand and utilize results to improve program performance


We will explore the topic of evaluation in general, including

  • Current topics in the field of evaluation
  • Different types of evaluation, including different factors and contexts
  • The difference between performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Leveraging a performance system to support evaluation efforts
  • Understanding why and when to conduct an evaluation
  • Deciding whether you need an outside evaluator
  • The importance of involving staff and partners
  • Dealing with data anxiety and discomfort around working with data and evaluators


The afternoon will include practical steps and actions as part of an effective program performance management program. These include:

  • Review of performance measures in the context of program evaluation
  • Understanding performance and data contextually
  • Leveraging existing data
  • Means-to-End thinking
  • Post-evaluation review
  • Using evaluation results to improve performance


  • Practitioners and funders who:
    • want to begin, or expand, use of data to understand performance
    • want to feel comfortable with evaluation and performance management
    • are interested in learning how to use results to improve performance
    • want to know if participants are better off because of their program
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UConn Hartford

Upcoming Information Sessions

Program(s) of Interest Location Date Time (Eastern) Registration 
MPA, MPP & Fast-Track Virtual
Friday, March 4th 4:00 - 4:30pm Register Here to Attend
MPA, MPP & Fast-Track Virtual
Wednesday, March 16th 12:00 - 12:30pm Register Here to Attend
Survey Research: Masters and Graduate Certificate Virtual
Thursday, March 24th 12:00 - 12:30pm Register Here to Attend
MPA, MPP & Fast-Track Virtual
Tuesday, March 29th 4:00 - 4:30pm Register Here to Attend
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Downtown Hartford

Upcoming Recruitment Events

Host Event Location Date Time (Eastern)
UConn Careers for the Common Good Job Fair Handshake (Virtual) Tuesday,
March 1
11AM - 3PM
UMass Amherst Earth and Sustainability Career Fair Handshake (Virtual) Thursday, March 10 11AM - 2PM
UConn UConn Storrs Spring Fair 2022 UConn Storrs Tuesday, March 29 11AM - 3PM
UConn UConn Virtual Spring Career Fair 2022 Handshake (Virtual) Wednesday, March 30 11AM - 3PM
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