Favorite Course Friday: PP 5304 / PP 3098 Public Policy, Diversity, and Inclusion

Welcome to “Favorite Course Friday”! Throughout the semester we will be highlighting electives available next semester with the Department of Public Policy (DPP). Interested in joining the DPP in the classroom next semester? Email dpp@uconn.edu for more information!

favorite course friday: pp 5304 / pp 3098: public policy, diversity, and inclusion - offered at the hartford campus - focus area: public policy, diversity, and inclusion

This course is a management course that will focus on racial disparities, how to measure them, and how to address them. These examples will be extended to gender, and other domains with a history of exclusion, to obtain the broadest possible sense of diversity and inclusion. Laws and policies will be discussed as to how they changed over time and how they evolved from equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, to diversity and inclusion. Issues of measurement will be considered along with policies that organizations have devised to achieve diversity, and policies to maintain diversity and achieve inclusion. By the end of the course each student will develop a diversity and inclusion plan for an organization of their choice.