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A view of the UConn Hartford campus on Aug. 22, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Celebration to Honor the Graduates

Help us celebrate the Class of 2022 on May 9th. This event is invitation only. Graduates please check your email for more information.

Kenya Rutland

Kenya Rutland

Disrupting Bias & Responding to Microaggressions

With Kenya Rutland, KJR Consulting

Friday, May 13, 2022
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (with 30 minute break)
Hartford Times Building, UConn Hartford Campus

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About the Event

Course Overview

At any given moment our brains are receiving 11 million pieces of information. Yet, we can only consciously process about 40 of those pieces. To make sense of the rest, we rely on our subconscious to filter information. Our brain does this using generalizations, beliefs, and stereotypes. This approach to processing information and making decisions can lead to biases we may not be even aware of. These unconscious biases are normal and in many cases they are useful. However, they can cause people to overlook great ideas and ignore an individual’s potential. They can also result in microaggressions. Microaggressions are everyday slights, indignities, put-downs, and insults that demean or offend others. They are often fueled by our unconscious bias, which means we may not even be aware of them and how they lead to exclusionary behavior.

Who Should Take This Course

Individuals that desire to make better decisions by becoming aware of their own biases, responding to microaggressions, and learning practical techniques to operate in a more inclusive manner.

What You’ll Get

During this workshop, you will:

  • Decode unconscious biases by discussing the impacts of our thinking and decision making;
  • Learn about the neurological roots of unconscious bias and how it systematically influences our thoughts, perceptions, interactions, and decisions;
  • Discover the impact on biases and microaggressions in the workplace;
  • Develop skills for recognizing unconscious biases and microaggressions when they appear and learn to apply strategies for intentionally managing and addressing them more effectively; and
  • Create a personal and meaningful personal accountability plan for managing moments of bias and addressing microaggressions when they occur.

What You’ll Do

Module 1: Introduction to Unconscious Bias
  • Decoding unconscious bias
  • The neurological roots of bias

Module 2: The Impact of Unconscious Bias
  • Impact on our actions, opportunities, confidence, and ability to be ourselves.
Module 3: Strategies for Disrupting Bias
  • Explore triggers
  • Manage the mindset
  • Rethink the people
  • Revise the process
Module 4: Defining Microaggressions
  • Microassaults
  • Microinsults
  • Microinvalidations
Module 5: Addressing Microaggressions
  • Discern
  • Disarm
  • Defy
  • Decide
Alyssa Goduti

Alyssa Goduti

Essential Skills for Grant-Writing Success: Research, Writing and Assessment Tools to Get Your Grant Applications to Stand Out

With Alyssa Goduti, UConn SPP adjunct professor and President & CEO of Ädelbrook

Friday, May 27, 2022
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM (with 30 minute break)
Live virtual session

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About the Event

The success of any nonprofit or government organization is contingent on its mission, vision, governance, ability to run quality programs and most importantly on its ability to raise funds. Organizations with the knowledge, skills and expertise to seek out and successfully win grants are more likely to thrive in this increasingly competitive funding environment. This session will help you better understand how to identify grant opportunities and develop winning proposals. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice grant-writing skills based on practical examples from their organizations or experiences.

What will you learn?

This session will provide vital information about how to approach grant writing in today’s competitive environment. You will gain an understanding of how to research and identify appropriate grant opportunities, develop strategies for approaching the grant writing process, and learn how to develop compelling responses to each component of the proposal. We will use real-life examples to help you practice proposal writing for your organizations so that you will be better prepared to deliver compelling and winning proposals.

UConn Hartford campus on September 5, 2017. (Bri Diaz/UConn Photo)

UConn Hartford

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