MPA Student Seeks Career in Human Resources with IPP Host Support

Photo of Anthony Diaz, MPA '23Master of Public Administration (MPA) student Anthony Diaz found a love for public service in college. His passion grew while learning about the impact of government and public institutions on society and communities. During his senior year he received an email about the School of Public Policy (SPP), and saw a way to launch a stable career where he could serve society and the community.

During his time with SPP, the Grievance-Arbitration exercise within  PP 5325: Labor-Management Relations, Negotiation & Contract Management stood out. Taught by Adjunct Professor Gregg Adler, this opportunity allowed Anthony to play a part. He explains,

I was on the side of the employee being disciplined, who wanted to be reinstated to her former position. I wrote a dramatic script for myself to read when it was my turn to testify. I had so much fun going over the top that it made the whole class burst into laughter! That exercise was a lot of fun and also a valuable learning experience!

SPP’s affordability and Internship and Professional Practice (IPP) program also made an impact. The ability to match with an employer and gain work experience before graduation was valuable to him. Sponsored Internships are also available to SPP students in their first year, which was another opportunity that Anthony appreciated.

This academic year he is completing his IPP internship with the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG). Currently Anthony is assisting the planning department with public outreach regarding CRCOG’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). Previously he helped the planning team evaluate the effectiveness of their previous POCD. He did so by researching measurable outcomes since the last POCD was enacted. This includes looking at the increase or decrease of affordable housing units within the CRCOG region.

After graduation Anthony aims to work in human resources. He adds,

Initially, I felt nervous about this switch because it’s different from the internship I have with CRCOG. However, my supervisors at CRCOG are helping me make connections with people in this field so that I can start an internship or job specific to HR once I finish at CRCOG. Additionally, I have realized that I am gaining skills and experience at CRCOG, much of which will be transferable to my job post graduation, even if it isn’t HR specific. So as a side note, I would say the connections you make through your internships at SPP is just as important as the work itself!

We can not wait to see what connections Anthony and the Class of 2023 build!

Posted by Kish, Lian in MPA