50 Year’s of Impact

This was certainly an exciting year for the UConn School of Public Policy. Our MPA class will be the 50th UConn MPA class. As we celebrated the accomplishments and impact of our alumni and faculty on improving policy and management of public and nonprofit affairs over the past 50 years, I could not stop thinking about the next 50 years. We are positioned more than ever to have a much bigger impact in the next few years.

Our impact will grow with our size. We are admitting and graduating more students than ever. Of our 1,500 graduates, more than half graduated in the last 10 years alone.

We start the next 50 years with a wider selection of programs – a Master of Public Policy, a Master of Public Administration, a Master of Art in Survey Research and Data Analysis, an executive track of our MPA, 4 graduate certificates and 8 specializations.

Our alumni are mentoring our students (more than 125 alumni have signed up), which is helping them be more ready for the workplace.

Our typical alumna/us has mentored a graduate student, helped 2-3 prepare for an interview, lectured in our classes, or supervised an intern or recent graduate.

Our faculty are more diverse than ever. And, our student body is more diverse than ever. Students of color made up 40% of our graduating students this year – Our student body is looking more and more like our broader community. This gives our impact a special meaning.

Today, the vast majority of our faculty colleagues are engaged in externally funded research that informs public policy. This is in addition to them being leaders of scholarship in their own fields.

The Institute of Municipal and Regional Policy is a game changer for UConn and the School of Public Policy, given its contributions to informing equitable public policy making and implementation.

We engage public and nonprofit professionals better than ever before. Encore!Connecticut helps prepare competent leadership for the nonprofit sector.

The Public Service Executive Leadership Collaborative helps support our community of professionals and our alumni with continuing education opportunities.

And, our internship program continues to be best in class – with paid internships and 100% placement record.

We have a very competent staff team that is delivering results to our current students and is ready for the future. I am energized to see how dedicated they are to our mission and to our student success.

We are geographically around the corner from most public and nonprofit employers. We are located at UConn Hartford in a campus that shares our passion for impact on communities, and in an institution that embraces our mission.

Our alumni and friends are giving more than ever to support our students. This year alone we have 4 Al Ilg Local Government Fellows, 2 David Walker scholarships and 2 Mort Tenzer awards.

For all these reasons, we are better positioned to have even more impact in the coming years.

Thanks to our lineup of amazing faculty and staff professionals who have led the program with passion and competence. And, thanks to our amazing alumni for their remarkable professionalism and dedication to improving lives and communities.

Mohamad. G Alkadry

School Director & Professor