April Events 2024

Upcoming Events with SPP in April

April 1 - Invest in Yourself: Returning to School During State Service Panel Event (UConn SPP x CT DOT) from 12-1 PM via  Zoom

April 4 – Community Conversation with US Army War College from 2-3pm in the HTB 4th Floor Lounge

April 10th - Transforming Corrections from 12:15-1:15pm in HTB 216

You'll Learn: basic understanding of CT Correctional System, human rights principles guiding correctional practices internationally and evidence-based practices to develop and implement public policy

April 17-18: UConn Gives

    Kenya Rutland

    April 19th: Building & Maintaining an Inclusive Team Culture

    With Kenya Rutland, Principal and Chief Enthusiasm Officer, KJR Consulting

    Friday, April 19, 2024
    9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (with 30 minute break)
    Hartford Times Building, UConn Hartford Campus

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    About the Program

    Over the the last four years, quite a bit has happened around DEIB. Depending on your organization and its commitment to this work, you may have found yourself in the midst of growth and progress or confusion and chaos. The work may have began with a survey that yielded a need for learning and training. Though it was hard, many organizations pushed through and may have even pushed forward to go beyond the basics to systemic topics of racism and becoming antiracist in their day-to-day practices. Unfortunately, those initial years of activity were different for other. They experienced when we now see on a broader scale: inaction fueled by fragility, complacency, and the desire to protect dominant culture thinking in the name of woke agenda and anti-patriotic rhetoric.

    This session is designed to provide a forum to engage in two conversations: first, a candid discovery of where we've been with DEIB and where we need to go. This includes making space for participants to share perspectives and experiences. Second, we will provide tools and resources to help individuals and teams get beyond the distractions to put inclusion to work for everyone within their organizations. During the session, participants will:

    • Discuss current events and a engage in a conversational assessment of the current state DEIB, personally and professionally.
    • Identify common pain points they have experienced in this work and explore why it has been challenging to move the work ahead.
    • Discover traits of inclusive cultures and define opportunities for development in the places they represent
    • Explore a model for engaging staff in a manner that is inclusive and that leverages their workplace strengths,
    • Learn tools for leaders to employ to inclusify their leadership styles
    • Create an action plan to incorporate key learning points into day to day activities.

    This session is ideal for any DEIB leaders within organizations, any individuals looking for tools to support following through on commitments, and ultimately anyone who wants to support more inclusive cultures within their organizations.

    Upcoming Info Sessions

    Program Date Time (EDT) Location
    MPA, MPP & Fast-Track April 1st 4-4:30pm Virtual - Stamford
    MPA, MPP & Fast-Track April 2nd 4-4:30pm Virtual - Hartford
    MPA, MPP & Fast-Track April 3rd 12-12:30pm Virtual - Stamford
    MPA Fellows April 5th 4-4:30pm Virtual - Hartford
    MPA, MPP & Fast-Track April 9th 4-4:30pm Virtual - Hartford
    MPA Fellows April 12th 4-4:30pm Virtual - Hartford
    MPA Fellows April 23rd 12-1pm 410-470 Capitol Ave

    Check back for additional sessions in the coming weeks. Learn more and register on our Meet With Us page!

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