MPA Student Is Interested in Policies Directly Impacting Social Service Agencies

Katarina Moroch
Katarina Moroch, MPA ’21

Master of Public Administration (MPA) 2021 student Katarina Moroch is currently completing an Internship and Professional Practice (IPP) with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Children & Families (DCF) as a Quality Improvement Intern. She has been helping develop ChildStat, a management process system aimed at addressing racial disparities in the delivery of services. Through data analysis, this macro level approach is aimed at increasing transparency and accountability for each of the 14 DCF area offices.

Katarina was originally attracted to the Department of Public Policy (DPP) because of the internship opportunities and her previous experience working for a non-profit organization. Although she loved providing direct care to clients, she was interested in the policies directly impacting social service agencies. Through her internship and DPP experiences, she has gained valuable knowledge about project management in the public sector which she hopes to take with her after graduation.