DPP Manages Nonprofit Curriculum Library

ARNOVA LogoEarlier this semester the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) and the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council’s (NACC) launched a Nonprofit Curriculum Library. ARNOVA is a group for nonprofit researchers and NACC is an association of nonprofit centers and program directors. The Department of Public Policy (DPP) currently houses and manages the Nonprofit Curriculum Library, which came out of a need for more resources for nonprofit educators.


Nonprofit Academic Centers Council Logo

Director of Nonprofit Leadership David Garvey notes:

“The two groups work together to make sure the best possible resources are available for nonprofit educators. Each association has a mission to promote high quality academic standards in the nonprofit management education field.”

The library offers a database of curriculum materials, where educators can upload their tools to the system from across the country. Garvey adds, “This is an effort to help nonprofit educators to have a resource to help develop their curriculum, by seeing what has been done in the past and what is currently going on.”

Learn more about the Nonprofit Curriculum Library on ARNOVA’s NACC partner page. You can also view the Library at nonprofitcurriculumlibrary.publicpolicy.uconn.edu