DPP Professor Joins Labor and Public Employees Task Force

Mohamad AlkadryDuring the 2021 legislative session the Connecticut General Assembly created the Labor and Public Employees Committee. According to their website:

“The Labor and Public Employees Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, conditions of employment, hours of labor, minimum wages, industrial safety, occupational health and safety, labor unions and labor disputes; all matters relating to the Department of Labor; and all matters relating to conditions of employment of state and municipal employees and the substantive law of state and municipal employees’ collective bargaining.”

A task force was established by the committee in order to examine the State’s work task force and retiring employees. The task force is compromised of a mix of legislators and academics who will work with retiring employees to learn ways to manage the current work force and recruit new workers. In November Department of Public Policy (DPP) Department Head, Mohamad Alkadry was appointed to serve on the task force.

The task force will create a report that will analyze the outgoing workforce alongside those who are eligible to retire. For the purpose of succession planning within executive agencies, the task force will also determine how many employees are retiring and how many could retire.

Their report will also examine potential barriers for recruitment. This includes an analysis of discrepancies in pay structure and a comparison of benefits among union and non-union employees.

They convened earlier this month and will report to the General Assembly in the New Year.