2023 Master of Public Administration Academic Excellence Award: Tyler A. Havens & Ghammam Mansoor

Photos of Master of Public Administration Academic Excellence Award recipients Tyler A. Havens and Ghammam Mansoor

Tyler A. Havens, MPA ‘23

Tyler is a second-year Master of Public Administration student with a focus in Public Policy, Diversity, and Inclusion. He graduated from Providence College with a bachelor’s degree in business management. After Providence College, Tyler completed two year-long terms of service in AmeriCorps, the first year splitting time in the Gulf South and West Coast, and the second year in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tyler has extensive experience in volunteer, construction, and nonprofit management, ranging from work in affordable housing to city parks. He is currently serving as the Community and Program Intern at Hartford Land Bank, as well as a Graduate Assistant at UConn’s Innovation House Learning Community. After graduation, Tyler’s goal is to continue his work in affordable housing and city planning, with a focus on green infrastructure and diversity and inclusion practices.

Ghammam Mansoor, MPA ‘23

Ghammam Mansoor is a second-year MPA student. I finished my undergrad at UConn with a bachelor’s in Sociology. I have worked for both private institutions and an array of non-profit organizations. Currently, I’m finishing my IPP at Trinity Health Of New England working as a Project Management Intern. I intend to use my experience from this program to advance health equity and opportunity at the administrative level.