Research Newsletter

Professor Hatmaker Co-Chairs AOM Session & Researches Public Librarians

At the Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting in August, School of Public Policy (SPP) faculty Deneen Hatmaker co-chaired the Public and Nonprofit Division Plenary Session “Navigating censorship: Workers at the Front Line,” along with colleagues Russell Hassan from the Ohio State University and Amy E. Smith from the University of Massachusetts Boston. The panelists, […]

Raissian & Dineen Continue to Lead Conversations on Gun Violence Prevention

University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Public Policy (SPP) Professors Jennifer Dineen and Kerri Raissian have continually led conversations on Gun Violence Prevention.They co-founded the UConn Center for Advancing Research, Methods, and Scholarship in Gun Injury Prevention (ARMS) following the Gun Violence Prevention – Research Interest Group (GVP-RIG). They wrapped up 2022 by serving as […]

SPP Studies Citizen Perception, Disasters, Education & Tech

Last month, the School of Public Policy (SPP) faculty attended the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management’s (ABFM) annual conference in Denver, Colorado. Below is a recap of their panel appearances and additional works throughout the year.  Professor Bill Simonsen chaired a panel on “Local Taxation: The Roles of State Government Intervention and Local Economic […]

CTRP3 Receives Increased Funding & Releases Findings In 2023

Since 2012 the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy’s (IMRP) Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project (CTRP3) has been a national example of data analysis and intervention. This summer CTRP3 released the “Connecticut State Police Data Audit 2014-2021” which has received national attention. The audit reported on traffic stop infractions that have been submitted by the […]

The International Justice Exchange Project in 2023

At the end of 2022 thirteen Connecticut justice system stakeholders traveled to Norway for an International Justice Exchange Project. Stakeholders included members from the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) and School of Public Policy (SPP). This collaboration, known as “Reconstituting Hope: Learning from Norway” follows “Human Dignity: Learning From Baden-Württemberg.” The Norway team began […]

Craemer Studies Reparations & Biases Among Black Police Officers

For over 15 years, UConn School of Public Policy (SPP) Professor Thomas Craemer has been publishing about reparations. At the end of 2022, he joined Professor Kaycea Campbell as an economic expert for California’s Reparations Task Force. During this meeting, Professor Campbell provided their background and context to the Force’s questions on: Unjust Property taken […]

Professor Eric Brunner Studies Wind Farms & Student Absenteeism

In 2022, School of Public Policy (SPP) Professor Eric Brunner studied the impact of wind energy on local economies. His research lead to “Commercial Wind Energy Installations and Local Economic Development:  Evidence from U.S. Counties“, which was published in Energy Policy alongside co-author and SPP alum  David Schwegman. At the start of 2023 he was featured […]

CLICC-Mentoring Releases Program Evaluation Report

The Connecting Through Literacy: Incarcerated Parents, Their Children, and Caregivers (CLICC) Mentoring for Children with Incarcerated Parents program released a Program Evaluation Report earlier this month. CLICC, also known as the “Connecting Through Literacy: Incarcerated Parents, Their Children, and Caregivers”, is a Connecticut-based non-profit. The program utilizes mentorship and literacy to strengthen relationships between children […]

Professor Hamilton Studies Disparities Around Birth & Medicaid

School of Public Policy (SPP) Professor Christal Hamilton joined the SPP Network in August after previously serving as a postdoctoral research scientist in the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University. In 2023 she was published in the Population Research and Policy Review and Duke University Press. In July, she co-authored “Medicaid Health […]

Recapping 2023 with the CT Sentencing Commission

During the 2023 Legislative Session the Connecticut Sentencing Commission developed and submitted four legislative proposals for consideration by the General Assembly. Located within the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP), the Commission has been conducting criminal justice policy research since 2011. Below are this year’s proposals with their statement’s of purpose. More information to […]